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Triple Ecchi

Hmm my anime watch log.. so far I have finished Magikano a few days ago and Ebichu just this afternoon… also I watched some parts of futari ecchi. hehe triple ecchi! So let me being some anime reviewing.. il review the three shows in this post.

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Love Story In Harvard Nice Lines

My Precious Angel
My Bright and Shining Angel, Lee Soo In
I love this angel
If I could break the wings of the angel to force her to be with me
I guess that would just be my greed
Fly high, my angel
Fly high and far
And whenever you are in need of rest, come back to me
I Love You
Credits: the-dew @ soompi forums

Oh Phil Seung :D

It’s all right with me
as long as you’re happy…
No matter where you are
Just the fact
that you’re on this earth…
grateful for that

Shot Down by Teacher (Onegai Teacher)

“Human-powered aircraft don’t always get off the ground. Of course, it’s the best feeling in the world if it does. But the process of making it is fun, too. It’s not just the end result that’s important, but the process, as well.”

Me thinks that this line will be a good advice to MR LUNITARI πŸ˜€ nyahahaha….

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The ten rules to follow…

1. First, don't ask her to be feminine. And don't…
2. Second, don't let her drink over three glasses. She'll beat someone.
3. At a cafe, drink coffee instead of coke or juice.
4. If she hits you, act like it hurts. If it hurts, act like it doesn't.
5. On your 100th day together, give her a rose during her class. She'll like it a lot.
6. Make sure you learn fencing and squash.
7. Also, be prepared to go to prison sometimes.
8. If she says she'll kill you, don't take it lightly. You'll feel better.
9. If her feet hurts, exchange shoes with her.
10. Finally, she likes to write. Encourage her.

=) excerpt! hehe i just found out that there is a director's cut version for the movie My Sassy Girl and it is longer! cool! im gonna watch it some other time tho.. hehe πŸ˜€

The World’s Stupidest Tourist (Momiji from Fruits Basket)

the story of the

The World’s Stupidest Tourist

it was about the world’s stupidest tourist on a trip… and because he was so stupid, people cheated him wherever he went…and during that time, all his money, clothes and possessions were cheated away from him… but the tourist was simply too stupid, so they just took all his things with a simple “thank you for your help”
he even cried at made up stories, and just gave up everything he owned. in the end he was completely naked, and he started feeling embarrassed so he went out into the forest to hide. but in the forest, instead he met demons. the demons wanted to eat him, so they came up with a skillfull plan to cheat him… of course the tourist fell for it, and offered an arm and a leg. and then at the very end, the tourist only had his head left… he even gave his eyes to the last of the demons.that demon told him while eating his eyes.. “thank you very much, i have a present for you as well.” but that was a lie too, the so-called present was just a note that said “Idiot”. but the tourist was soo touched that he cried at this, “Thank you, oh thank you!” he said, “this is my first time ever getting a present! I’m really happy, thank you so much!” and tears just came endlessly out of his empty eye sockets… the tourist was left out in the wild where he silently died…

everyone just laughed but then… i closed my eyes, and i deeply thought about the story of the tourist… deeply thinking about that story of how many times he was lied to and when he had only his head left, he still thankfully cried… and then i understood it…

ahh that’s “love” isnt it? am i right? loss, all sorts of pain, he never thought about it …the tourist never thought of himself..and even though he’s an idiot to lots of people, to me hes not an idiot at all.. a lot of people would take the chance to cheat him but i would never do that… i would want to make him happy and thats all..

do you think of him as an idiot?

close your eyes … what are you thinking about?

Copyright of Fruit Basket Manga πŸ™‚

lavender subs… hehe

Young man….

01:00:10,891 –> 01:00:13,382
There's many things you
still don't know how to appreciate

01:00:13,560 –> 01:00:16,028
When you do…
lt's already become the past

01:00:16,530 –> 01:00:20,022
When you don't know how
to appreciate people around you now…

01:00:20,901 –> 01:00:22,869
They will soon become strangers

01:00:22,970 –> 01:00:24,961
Life is not waiting for people

01:00:25,506 –> 01:00:28,498
Sometimes death
comes to the one that you love

01:00:28,642 –> 01:00:30,200
lf you fight for the fortune

01:00:30,277 –> 01:00:33,974
Better to appreciate the
time that you able to give

01:00:37,117 –> 01:00:39,085
That person's question
is not hard to answer

01:00:39,253 –> 01:00:40,845
Think carefully

01:00:41,021 –> 01:00:45,048
Who is the person you wish
to cherish most in your life?


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