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Inukami… a random anime that I choosed to watched because it has ecchi in its genre.

Basically, in a nutshell, Inukami are dog gods. (Inu means dogs and kami means god = dog god). Inukamis are allies of Inukami tsukai’s (persons with spiritual powers) and together, they go out to vanquish evil spirits. This anime tells us the story of a perverted and stupid Inukami tsukai named Kawahira Keita and his inukami, youko as they go and lived their daily lives. Continue reading ‘Inukami’


Triple Ecchi

Hmm my anime watch log.. so far I have finished Magikano a few days ago and Ebichu just this afternoon… also I watched some parts of futari ecchi. hehe triple ecchi! So let me being some anime reviewing.. il review the three shows in this post.

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He Is My Master

Sawatari Izumi and her little sister, Mitsuki, ran away from home. In order to look for part-time jobs, they wandered around the town. However, all the shop owners refused to hire them.Then, they happened to see a poster looking for resident housekeepers. It was done by Nakabayashi Yoshitaka who had lost his parents in the accident, and he became quite alone. Being sympathized with him, they were going to be help him.However, Yoshitaka is very pervert person who had a cosplay fetish. He made them wear obscene maid uniforms. Izumi got angry, while Mitsuki enjoyed wearing them. Yoshiki started to enjoy being a master. Then, a pet crocodile which liked girls appeared… (Anidb)

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Finished Watching Delightful Girl Choon Yang

Oh yeah.. actually i finished this last week or so but I was lazy to write a mini review for this… now before I sleep I shall write my review, hehe

Umm this is the second straight kdrama I watched with Han Chae Young in it…thanksto dotagod Gilaw a.k.a. TanLaw for sharing a copy of the kdrama to me… the first kdrama that I saw with Han Chae young (Cha Eun Jae)was only you, I dont know why but I did not really find her that attractive in Only You. I found Hong Soo Hyeon (Su yeon) more cute…. but enought of that… This is a delightful girl / sassy girl choon yang personal review….

Warning Spoilers! Continue reading ‘Finished Watching Delightful Girl Choon Yang’

Shaman King

I am proud to say that I have finished watching 64 Episodes of shaman king in 2 weeks. Umm i marathoned it lately this week since before I was lazy to watch it but suddenly it got more interesting and well, the rest is history! haha

So now I will share my thoughts about this anime haha…

::Warning :: There might be spoilers Continue reading ‘Shaman King’

School Rumble Term 2

This is the latest anime that I have finished.

It was a very fun series to watch especially the first episodes. However, in the later parts, episodes 15+ until 22 or something, it became boring because they are not that interesting anymore. But in the end, it managed to pick up and bring us a wonderful ending and a possible season 3 for school rumble.

Things that I liked in this show:

  • Character development.. it was good.. esp on Harima..
  • Love teams.. Souo and Asou (cool) .. imadori and Ichijou (sort of)
  • The class battle in episode 2 and 3… now this was very nice.
  • lots of side stories that show the development of other characters…
  • Tougou’s (class d dude) explanations and “yabang” hehe
  • Harima isnt just a dumb beardy wahaha
  • and a lot more

so the question that is left for school rumble 2 is.. what does yakumo really feel? ^_^ when will hanai ever get down again?

so thats all! haha

Finished Watching the anime Shuffle!


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wohohoho big picture 😀 now I talk about it below ….

spoiler alert!!! Continue reading ‘Finished Watching the anime Shuffle!’


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