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Dota All Stars Map 6.45

The latest and official map of dota!

Download Dota 6.45

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Silkenhut’s Media Download

I think i need a new blog for this instead of cramming everything here in my blog. hehe ^_^

Will be creating one today and hopefully will be up in a few hours. =)

Dota All Stars Map 6.44 & 6.44b

After a long while, dota has been updated… 6 new heroes and a lot of bugfixes…

Download dota 6.44

Download dota 6.44b

Files hosted through…MediaFire - Free File Hosting Made Simple

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Dota All Stars Map 6.43b

Official release –Download Dota All Stars Map 6.43b

Fixed Broken Link hehe

Download dota 6.43b

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Dota All Stars Map 6.42

Official map…

Download dota 6.42

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Full Metal Alchemist Manga

optional : If you want to read Full Metal Alchemist Manga, Without downloading. Go to the Full Metal Alchemist Manga Directory.  

Full Metal Alchemist / Hagane No Renkinjutsushi

The first manga that I added to the blog… I do not claim ownership over these files… I am just redistributing them as a contribution to the manga fans. If you dont like it, dont proceed.. Thanks.

Click read more to browse and download the archive…
Note :: Every download takes away 10 seconds of your life… beware! haha ^_^

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Want Dota? Get Dota!

Why are some people too lazy to download their dota maps from websites? they would rather leech from people hosting the games? Lazy Bastards…


There, thats the site where you can get dota… latest so far is Dota 6.41… go download and ownage!

DOWNLOAD Dota 6.41


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