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I think i need a new blog for this instead of cramming everything here in my blog. hehe ^_^

Will be creating one today and hopefully will be up in a few hours. =)


Full Metal Alchemist Manga

optional : If you want to read Full Metal Alchemist Manga, Without downloading. Go to the Full Metal Alchemist Manga Directory.  

Full Metal Alchemist / Hagane No Renkinjutsushi

The first manga that I added to the blog… I do not claim ownership over these files… I am just redistributing them as a contribution to the manga fans. If you dont like it, dont proceed.. Thanks.

Click read more to browse and download the archive…
Note :: Every download takes away 10 seconds of your life… beware! haha ^_^

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Download links.


Today I am going to share with you all about the websites I go to when I want to get something. This will be all download related and I hope that this can answer the question,

I want to download <insert title here>, where do I go to download it?

Note: Btw, these are the sites I usually go to and it is not complete… anyways, I’ll continue…

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Download power!

By the power of dsl, we are given the right to download like hell! or else, our pay wont be worth it… so I will be sharing my download techniques! lolz… So far, I am using BT, Emule and IRC. Ofcourse, direct http downloads are also being used but I guess anyone knows how to do a direct download. 😀 So , umm that is all… haha

Bittorrent Sites

Hmmm first it was the clients, now its for the sites where I get my torrents.

  • Indexers – They are not a bittorrent tracker but a repository where you can search for torrents. The first one is where I usually go and the others are alternatives.
  1. TorrentSpy – Usually the first place I go to when looking for movies and TV eps.
  2. Mininova
  3. Torrentz
  4. MyBittorrent
  • All Around Trackers – Well, just as the description says, they are trackers for any files. You can make any torrent with any file and you can upload it there.
  1. The Pirate Bay
  • Anime – It is obvious … lol
  1. BoxTorrents – My number one (1) source for anime, manga, ost and anything anime related. Tracker goes down often but Azureus’ DHT makes up for it.
  2. Scarywater – The unlicensed anime tracker, this is where some fansubs post their torrents for downloads.
  3. AnimesukiNote: this is not a tracker. Sorta like an indexer too.
  4. Hongfire – Mainly a forum, Im not sure if they have their tracker back up, but they are also like an indexer. (my main goal here is the gallery.. hehe :D)
  5. AnimeSource – The latest releases of fansubs are posted here, Indexer.
  6. BakaAnime – Similar to AnimeSource, they also have the Latest manga releases index.

My Bittorrent Clients

So far, I am using two (2) clients right now.

  1. uTorrent – A young yet promising bit torrent client, what made me test this out is its claim to have a very very low memory usage (azureus has a high memory usage) and so I was amazed by its memory usage. Feature-wise, it has nearly the same features as of azureus but the only downside I can see here is when the tracker is down, so is your download.
  2. Azureus – A java based Bittorrent client. One of the best clients in my opinion. It has a rich set of features like super-seeding, DHT, UPNP, and others. It can even support plug-ins that can add more functionality to the client. The DHT feature that azureus has is very nice, it gives more seeds than the ones the tracker usually provides. and even if the tracker is dead, the download will continue due to DHT. The only downside to this client is because that since this is a java based program, it eats a lot of memory. In other words, a memory hog… hehe

For more info, (Azureus Wiki) & (uTorrent Wiki)

Hmmm as for now, I would recommend uTorrent for main downloading and when the tracker of the torrent is down, then you can use Azureus for it has a great DHT capability.


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