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Blog Has Moved

Visit my new blog here


Nearing 100k hits!

I’m excited that my blog is nearing 100,000 visitors. haha.. ^_^

New blog focus…

I felt that uploading just isnt my style so I would like to scrap that idea and make another blog…

It’s the new Ecchi Blog! Basically a blog where I review animes that are ecchi! ^_^

It has launched!!! –> <–

Silkenhut’s Media Download

I think i need a new blog for this instead of cramming everything here in my blog. hehe ^_^

Will be creating one today and hopefully will be up in a few hours. =)

Feedburner and new layout

Hehe been tinkering with the blog a bit… umm i now have feeds and that feed burner at the top left… (idea stolen from majuro wahaha) and a new layout… just testing. ^_^

mr whaleeeyy favor.. haha

Kdrama OST Reuploads

I will be reuploading the OSTs of the Kdramas to rapidshare..

EDIT: Im sorry that I will have to take down some of the OST Links… ^_^ but they will be back

Manga downloads

Im thinking of adding manga downloads here in my blog.. haha

but i need a good free host and a manga to upload… hmmmm..


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