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Net less

i dont know what happened but for some reasons we have no telephone lines… some jackass stole our lines again… darn… now im just using dlsu net…. yey… haha


PLDT + Lovesan (MSBlast worm)

Another episode of my dsl woes… read ahead…

Recap : My connection was always like crap (useless). I have no problems connecting to the internet. I can surf. I can download. It looks normal.. but it only last for a short while… After a few minutes, (can reach to some hours) of being connected, I will get to the point where “I am connected but I am not getting any data” … In other words, the connection has stalled and its similar to being disconnected. So what is the solution to that? Similar too to being disconnected, I reconnect… Imagine having to do this 20 or times in just one sitting… Aint it frustrating?

Read on …

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DSL problems…

Darn.. I am having problems with my dsl connection.. because of this, I am not able to leave my pc on when I am not around since the connection has a tendency to stay connected WITHOUT any data transfer (in or out) … in other words, its useless… it would have been better if I will get disconnected since my autodialer will catch it… but that is not the case…

This is very frustrating matter as a very avid downloader! 😀

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