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Lakas manggoyo ng Globe On Feb. 5, Globe Telecom reported annual net income or profits of 11.8 billion pesos for 2006, up by 14 percent from 2005. Revenues grew by four percent to 57 billion pesos. Globe said this is mainly due to the 1.2 million new subscribers for 2006, bringing the number of Globe subscribers to 15.7 million who have access to its network of 5,884 cellsites covering 98 percent of the country.

On the same day, Globe snubbed and defied on order by the National Telecommunications Commission to “hold in abeyance” or to suspend the controversial and scandalous 100 to 150 percent price increase in its Unlimitxt Permanent Service, as demanded by outraged subscribers represented by TXTPower.

Today, we call on all Gentxters and consumers to make their power known to Globe and like-minded corporate scum who disrespect consumers and who defy the law.

Let us unite and protest Globe’s defiance of the NTC order and to protest its price hike concealed in a deviously-crafted “promo”.

Let us come together to show Globe that they owe their profitable standing to their loyal subscribers who once thought they are respected and valued by the company.


We who brought Globe Telecom from the failing and ailing company in the early 1990’s to the giant it is now have the power. Together, let’s show Globe who they are fighting and insulting by:

1.Avoid SMS and Calls through the Globe network. Find other ways to communicate
2.Postpone automatic and card reloads
3.Postpone GCash transactions
4.Postpone line applications
5.Refrain from getting icon/music/visual downloads from Globe
6.Refrain from using Globe’s GPRS and 3G services

Yes, we must boycott and sacrifice now before Globe transforms all of us into a community of people with no self-respect and no sense of consumers rights. We must boycott Globe until it obeys the NTC order and restores the old Unlimitxt rates.

February 7, 2007

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Globe Rollback Petition

This is a petition to roll back the price of unlimitxt in globe.

Please help and sign the petition 

To:  National Telecommunications Commission

We, subcribers of Globe and citizens of the Philippines, demand that the Commission withdraw its approval of the new Globe unlimited texting promo which replaced Globe Unlimitxt and resulted in a price increase. The NTC must stop it immediately and restore the old unlimited texting rates.

We feel aggrieved and insulted by the sudden change, the lack of prior consultation or public hearing and the absence of complete information on the new Globe unlimited texting service approved by the Commission.

We condemn the deception of Globe Telecom. The stoppage of Globe Unlimitxt and its replacement by the new promo has resulted in a 100 percent increase in unlimited texting rates. From P50.00 for five days, the rate is now P80.00 for four days. Such a price hike should be taken back by Globe and authorization withdrawn by the NTC. The NTC should closely study all new promos that purportedly provide “wider choices” but turn out to be so deceptively and cleverly crafted to sneak in a price hike. Thus, the NTC is duty bound to correct its mistake by ordering Globe to bring back Globe Unlimitxt.

We urge the NTC to take a pro-consumer stand vis-a-vis telecommunications corporations who are known for disrespecting and abusing subscribers through unfair promos, warrantless price hikes, arbitrary pricing, low quality services, and bad customer service.

We demand immediate action from the Commission. The NTC must respond to the consumer complaint filed by TXTPower on Feb. 1, 2007 which we fully support.

The Undersigned

Please help and sign the petition


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