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Term is Over!

Oh yeah!!! It feels good to end this term…

after a few weeks of working our butts off over some projects, it is now time to unwind and enjoy the summer vacation!

Talking about school, I hope I can still be a dean’s lister for this term so that I make self happy, and also, make parents happy.. hihi For now, i only know two grades and so far so good… my concern is on INTPHIL … i nearly failed the first test, and wrote crap on the final paper… so perhaps, my grade will be crap… wahahah…

I need to be getting back to my usual routine… My PC has been in rest for a long time since I dont much time to look for new downloads… and my anime collection’s growth was very very slow for the month of march… I hvnt been watching much anime nor kdramas lately because of schoolwork.. but however, playing time wasnt affected no matter how hectic the schedule was..

now what should I do for summer vacation? I dont know.. lol must make schedules already… main goal, enjoy to the max! DUAL CORE style…

…sad note: I wasnt able to do anything about the lich king…oh well… “-banlist -add lich king” .. please send this to everyone on your list if you care about your efforts, grades, and friend’s sanity or be liched for the rest of your life.. This is the last ill mention this … lol ^_^


Allen – Tell me

Happy Birthday to Edel the Les!
hahaha 😛

…..anyways, in response to letting out some steam.. here is something I thought about while taking a bath …. its my first try after seeing the dotagod lyrics…. hehe

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End of XPRGLAN madness

OH YEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You heard, umm seen it right, it is over already… yesterday was the final day for my continous sufferings for that subject.. wahaha … I have stated in my previous post that I should have written this last Monday , but due to the Fat Boy Band Boy’s inviting me over to their house for that night (he tried to brokeback me!! goodthing i escaped! lol .) so i postponed it to earlier.. but… due to getting a KO when my head touched the pillow, here I am now… writing now… lol

So anyways, here is what happened…

there are lots of spelling errors and perhaps gramar errors here. but, dont care. lol … so comments on spelling.. are… not required… hha

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Last day of Xprglan Madness

Yey . . . me think.. just a few more minutes till the clock strikes 12 and its gonna be april 03… the deadline for the machine project in xprglan…

and this .. marks the first time that I cant finish a machine program (not bragging but by cramming and help of others it gets finished somehow) … worse.. cant even pass anything worthy to present in class… perhaps, it can said that… “instead of blogging now u lowlife, why dont u cram it and finish it … ” I cant, its impossible .. for me. im not an ultranerd, im just a lazy dude that was forced to work like hell because of unforeseen circumstances….

So what now?

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yet another xprglan problem…

This term I have been cursed… where did I go wrong (haha feeling good)? As I try to brainstorm ALONE for the requirements, I cant stop myself from eating and blogging.. This, I can say, is beater than staring at an empty document with no idea whatsoever on what to write…

Its times like this that I think I am gonna fail XPRGLAN, (one of my masteral subjects this term) … why do I think this way?
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Darn ghey!!! –Chatlog–

Jerwin: ano b part ng report nya? akin ung comparison and contrast dba
Lalen: details
Lalen: ako feature
Jerwin: okie okie.daya! u ghey! wala ako bukas kasi nsa smart it summit.argh! pumunta ka na rin para ndi ka makagawa ng xrpglan.u ghey!
Lalen: wala namang sinabi na dapat sabay2 yung pagkagawa ah. u gay
Jerwin: pero may advantage ka na.u ghey! hahaha
Jerwin: sagutan mo n rin ung bio homeworl
Lalen: groupwork eto, hindi pabilisan.. pag pumalpak ka, damay kami …. u gay!
Lalen: wah darn ka kasi, niluto ka kaya may homework
Jerwin: haha! u ghey
Jerwin: ndi ko nga rin alam pano sagutan ung asynment eh.try ko gawin tpos upload ko sa groups ‘
Lalen: wag kalimutan ang xprglan… dami namn ultranerds na gagawa ng bioinfo eh
Jerwin: onga.hahaha
Jerwin: cge alis n ko.aga p 2mrw/argh

Darn ghey!!!


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