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Enrollment tom

Bash told me today that we have to enroll tom because if we enroll at a later date, we would have to incur additional fees… Of course we dont want that… but we dont know yet what to enroll…. ^_^ haha

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Back to manila

i am back to manila.. and im not feeling good.. darn cebu pacific airplane… it was shaky upon its descent and because of that, i have a slight heavy headache now … haaayy good thing my class later in comparc is just a review for a hopefully finals next week.

having a comparc final exams next week is good news and bad news… good news is that, i can go home earlier back to iloilo… bad news, i have to mega ultra cram thesis and studying for the finals in one week.  it is a risk that i must take….

about thesis.. well, minimal updates while i was in iloilo… i was there to enjoy… well , i enjoyed too much that i forgot i still have to do thesis.. eheh

story2 on vacation later after class… well, its just about the graduations.. dates… foods and feasts and play…. hehe

Study Plans for Comparc

Well, due to synergy global (lame excuse of mine haha) and not studying much on forwarding, i failed my first exam in comparc… now thats a big OUCH! oh yeah, thanks to ultranerds for helping me in the topics… haha
so now, i have to study…. here are the topics for the second exam

  • Scoreboarding – I am now familiar…
  • Tomasulo
  • Weighted Mean – I think i have a grasp of this…
  • Geometric Mean
  • To be discovered
  • To be discovered

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COMPARC First Exam

Goodluck to all my classmates!!!

My personal preparations were like this…

  • Deleting friend collectors in Friendster in the morning
  • Studying the algorithm of pipelining (writing it in paper)
  • Super brisk reading of slides
  • Watching 2 episodes of naruto (supposedly only 1)
  • Chatting this weird bisnes thingy ( – you spam this email if you want. )

I hope I can say I am ready and it is not that hard.. hehe

Today’s Events

Wanna know?

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Wasting Time

I think nowadays one of my hobbies is wasting time… im so damn good at it..

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Whatta term…

…this is going to be a hectic term.. As I have mentioned before, I have two subjects… and as i attended these two subjects, I realized that the workload is pretty heavy this term… The monday subject would have lots of deliverables plus exams to go with it and the tuesday subject is like writing a new thesis proposal from scratch alone, that means lotsaaa deliverables…

I am dead.. must research like hell to be able to find a topic by next week.. hehe I hope i dont get lazy and just waste my time and when Il think about it already, im already so near the deadline… hehe …


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