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Thesis Version 0.000000000000001

First step…

To review the documents of AEE
Date Planned :: June 1, 2007
Date Done :: June 3, 2007

Status :: Printed the papers but have not read it yet… =)

Will be discovering more tasks in the future.. hopefully. hehe


Thesis Cram Days

It is time to cram thesis and be able to finish it within one week or else I could not go home to iloilo next week. hehe

My goals for today are..

  • Fix Objectives
  • Fix Scope and Limitations
  • “Gently” kill Popsicle in Overview
  • Write RRL for ICICLE and POPSICLE in Chapter 2

Thats my plans for today.. I can still add more if i feel good… but i might be able to finish it too coz im lazy.. .well, its 1040am posting time. So I have a whole day. hehe

Edit. also added some spell checking and checking of sources… ^_^

Back to manila

i am back to manila.. and im not feeling good.. darn cebu pacific airplane… it was shaky upon its descent and because of that, i have a slight heavy headache now … haaayy good thing my class later in comparc is just a review for a hopefully finals next week.

having a comparc final exams next week is good news and bad news… good news is that, i can go home earlier back to iloilo… bad news, i have to mega ultra cram thesis and studying for the finals in one week.  it is a risk that i must take….

about thesis.. well, minimal updates while i was in iloilo… i was there to enjoy… well , i enjoyed too much that i forgot i still have to do thesis.. eheh

story2 on vacation later after class… well, its just about the graduations.. dates… foods and feasts and play…. hehe

Thesis Time

I tried thesis today and its darn… why do time move so fast when doing thesis? I was just reading 3 8-page papers and trtying to write one page summary… took me nearly two hours to finish… mega darn.. oh well, i guess i need to double time or else im dead. haha

Thesis Updates

Its now on the 8th week and im still delayed in our thesis requirements… Im trying to catch up though…. trying. yeah. im trying.. ^_^

well, Review of related literature is such a boring task.. so far, i have just made 3 reviews.. i need more than that I think for the thesis… I have the papers, no energy to read them…

Oh yeah, my best update would be, I started on the draft of the thesis proposal.. its a rough pathetic draft.. atleast there is progress.. ^_^ Thats is all for thesis report!

Thesis Day Turned Naruto Day

Oh well, today I planned it to be thesis day… where I would do thesis.. but ended up watching naruto…

I also planned on buying some dvds so that I can burn to free up my HD, but laziness struck and Im still at home…

Im wondering… when will my thesis eventually be finished? haha thats all for now. ^_^


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