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US Tour Ending

So ends our tour… this is our last night at our hotel and perhaps the last time we see our tour mates… Oh well, we had fun together and it was a successful tour! Thanks Pan Pacific… Thanks Everyone! Yehey!

My plans here for the blog is to add a table of contents and perhaps pictures for the tour… I’ll start with our group pictures! Guess who the hell I am… hehe

Our whole group in the tour

Kids? No, the teens with our tour guide at the far right…


Day 10 – Sea World

Sea world with empty shopping yey!

To be continued…

Day 9 – Universal Studios


City tour first such as the Disney Opera thingy, beverly hills and hollywood thingies.. then universal studios! Yey!

To be continued…

Day 8 – DisneyLand


What should I write here?

Day 7

May 02, 2007 GMT -10 Los Angeles

Today was just a simple day. We just flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Here is what happened…

Continue reading ‘Day 7’

Day 5

April 30, 2007 GMT -15 Las Vegas to San Francisco

I don’t want to wake up! I am so tired from yesterday’s activities but I have no choice. We have a plane to catch going to San Francisco. There is a saying that, “I left my heart at San Francisco”, will I also say the same after having the tour here? We’ll see. Continue reading ‘Day 5’

Day 4

April 29, 2007 GMT -10

Our side quest is a tour of the Grand Canyon, one of the eight wonders of the world. The schedule was; bus picks us up, we fly to Arizona, have some tour by land, lunch and then return all the way to our hotel. So after having a hearty breakfast of toast, bacon and eggs (there was hash brown but I don’t like it), we went to the airport. There were lots of little planes, about 25 people in capacity only and looks scary. Off to the flight… Continue reading ‘Day 4’


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