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Sports betting

Im thinking of joining sports betting but i dont know how to do it…

Date Description 1 0 2 10 02
2007-03-17 22:00:00 Orlando-Sacramento 1.45 2.59
  -199+/Orlando-Sacramento 1.9 18 1.9
  -102+/Orlando 1.85 15 1.85
  -97+/Sacramento 1.85 15 1.85

What the hell does this mean ?

Updated for the descriptions …

1 – Win first
2 – Win second
01 – Win first or Draw
20 – Win second or draw

Still need help for descriptions… ^_^


hyip gambling

hehe lately, i have been gambling at hyip… oh well, i am still out to regain the $10 that I lost… i wish myself luck.. ^_^

sites heeh




what i write?

I dont know.. haha mental block!!!

Lost a partition

Oh no.. what have i done last night? All i wanted to do was to merge two partitions in my computer into one and I heard partition magic is a good program to use for that , so I downloaded and tried it… merging was a simple task, just a few clicks and it asked me to confirm my choice, and when i confirmed it, it rebooted and started to do the merging process…

however, after merging, there was some kind of error which i did not read much since i fell asleep while waiting for the merging process, oh well. then it restarted… i just slept again and when I woke up, i checked out my partitions and said.. what the hell… there was only one left… but.. that one, hasnt changed, I lost my other partition.. where did it go? i have no idea..

i checked partition magic and it became unallocated.. and i was like.. waaaaa??? all my mp3z man! my anime soundtracks, and asian drama soundtracks.. gone gone gone.. there are alot of files there, nearly 20gb.. gone gone gone. omg… and without back up… omg.. darn partiion magic… -_-

Letter to nose…

Hey you nose, what the hell is wrong with you? I have been sneezing a lot since I woke up.. and theoretically,the room is clean since it got cleaned like hell yesterday… so.. what is causing you to give me sneezes?!

I am tired of standing up and going to the bathroom to blow away the mucus… Wont the skin get irritated of too much water and rubbing, and pumping? perhaps my ears will get damaged because of too much blowing? even you yourself mr nose, you might bleed of the pressure in the blowing… so what is wrong with you?  Right now, as i write, you are accumulating mucus.. when will you stop dude?

I have taken medicine for allergies for days already and it seems like, theres no effect.. great… a formidable enemy… too bad i dont like it… spare me oh nose.. stop the allergy effect.. stop making me sneeze.. stop producing the mucus!!!

“Songs you have played” tracker Last fm

Great site!

it keeps track of what you played in your music player (I use winamp) … too bad I just sign up'ed with this a few days ago … haha now Il see how many songs can I listen in a day, week or months.. hehe 😀

 See mine at


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