are you hai-ding something?

New law log source from the “master”

omnibonta: its Law-Law-Lawrence!! The Japanese-girl-loving man
omnibonta: musta?
zymeth02: lol
omnibonta: it is my honor in meeting you here
zymeth02: haha o klng nman
omnibonta: sobrang rare ka na magonline
omnibonta: hehe
omnibonta: still OWNING?
zymeth02: yep pretty busy
omnibonta: busy OWNING? or other stuff?
zymeth02: actually i usually waste time
zymeth02: when going online haha
zymeth02: so i control
zymeth02: thesis
omnibonta: ahh
omnibonta: define “waste time”
omnibonta: “waste time” = OWNAGE?
zymeth02: not literally
zymeth02: but i notice i cant complete things
zymeth02: the way i want it
zymeth02: usually nadedelay haha
omnibonta: hmm… bkt nadedelay?
omnibonta: may nanggugulo?
omnibonta: or dahil sa habit of OWNING?
zymeth02: both :))
omnibonta: ahh
omnibonta: naks! sino nanggugulo?
omnibonta: could it be… Haiyan?
zymeth02: nahh haha
zymeth02: haay
zymeth02: i think i will soon stop playing dota
omnibonta: bkt?
zymeth02: it wastes my time
omnibonta: because of Haiyan? πŸ˜€
omnibonta: woo
omnibonta: time for thesis? or girls?
zymeth02: nye haha
zymeth02: thesis and other more worthwhile activities
omnibonta: “other more worthwhile activities” like?
omnibonta: Haiyan?
omnibonta: hehe
omnibonta: or could there be another you havent told us about?
zymeth02: reading books
omnibonta: ahh
zymeth02: haha
zymeth02: kulit mo sa haiyan a
omnibonta: :)) wala lang
omnibonta: i just thought..
omnibonta: :)) nevermind
omnibonta: haha
zymeth02: wat is it?
zymeth02: na may iba?
omnibonta: πŸ™‚ nothing..
omnibonta: :))
zymeth02: cge na
omnibonta: ^^ its really nothing
omnibonta: haha
zymeth02: oki..haha
omnibonta: πŸ™‚


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  1. 1 majuro June 20, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    notice: i moveth my personal blog to The Majuro Files at is still maintained. Good luck with all the girls… hehe

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